Blood Glucose Monitor

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Wireless Blood Glucose Monitoring

Tenovi BGM is a remote patient monitoring device that uses a 4G cellular network to automatically send data directly to the care provider.

01  Accurate measurement

Tenovi BGM is an FDA approved device with industry leading accuracy of 95%.    

02  Easy to use                  

Offers one step, seamless recording when bG is checked. Tenovi BGM will automatically send data to your care provider. 

03  Immediate Feedback

A large LCD screen clearly displays the blood glucose level.

04  Analytics Portal          

Tenovi BGM seamlessly sends data to a clinician portal for remote patient monitoring. 


Tenovi BGM comes with a cell-enabled meter, lancet, and custom test strips.  

Tenovi BGM can be recharged using an included micro-USB cable.

Once every week. The meter provides a battery level and will alert you when the battery level is low.

You may bill for the 3 CPT codes listed below. The national rates are shown for reference.
  1. 99453 Device Set-up
    $21 once per episode of care
    This code may be submitted for initial set-up and patient education on use of equipment
  2. 99454 Remote Monitoring
    $69 per month
    This code may be submitted each month for supplying a patient with an FDA approved RPM device. The patient must use thedevice for more than 15 days per calendar month.
  3. 99457 Treatment Management
    $32 for facility and $53 for non-facility per month
    This code may be submitted for treatment management services, 20 minutes or more of clinical staff, physician, or other qualified healthcare professional time in a calendar month.
RPM may be furnished by a physician, qualified healthcare professional, and auxiliary personnel (ie. Clinical staff) incident to the billing practitioner’s professional services.

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