Real-time Weight Tracking

Wireless Weight Tracking

Lotus Scale is a remote patient monitoring device that uses a 4G cellular network to automatically send data directly to the care provider.

01  Accurate Measurement

Lotus Scale is an FDA approved device with industry leading 99.5% accuracy.

02  Easy to use                  

Simply step on the scale. Lotus Scale will automatically send data to your care provider. That’s it!

03  Patient Portal 

Patients have access to their own data using a HIPAA compliant web app.

04  Analytics Portal          

Seamlessly sends data to a clinician portal for remote patient monitoring. 


When the user receives the scale, they simply need to insert four included AA batteries.



Once every 6 months. The user will receive email or text alerts when the battery life is low. 

You may bill for the 3 CPT codes listed below. The national rates are shown for reference.
  1. 99453 Device Set-up
    $21 once per episode of care
    This code may be submitted for initial set-up and patient education on use of equipment
  2. 99454 Remote Monitoring
    $69 per month
    This code may be submitted each month for supplying a patient with an FDA approved RPM device. The patient must use thedevice for more than 15 days per calendar month.
  3. 99457 Treatment Management
    $32 for facility and $53 for non-facility per month
    This code may be submitted for treatment management services, 20 minutes or more of clinical staff, physician, or other qualified healthcare professional time in a calendar month.
RPM may be furnished by a physician, qualified healthcare professional, and auxiliary personnel (ie. Clinical staff) incident to the billing practitioner’s professional services.

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